Robinson90 flexible uprigh and sign post

The optimal solution for the most critical sign placements on the road. 

Our Robinson90 model emerges as the top choice for pivotal transport infrastructure locations, such as traffic islands and roundabouts. Boasting a remarkable 90-degree flexibility, this post endures multiple drive-overs without incurring damage. Once installed, the Robinson90 sign post ensures the sign post remains intact, even after repeated impacts. Offered in both 60mm and 76mm diameters, and in two configurations: flexible sign post or flexible upright.

For sites where sign posts may face damage from slower impacts, Augustaflex upright is recommended. 


Flexible upright and signpost for traffic signs

Sturdiness level: medium, from 8kN/m2

Versions: upright for post/post

Ideal for: traffic islands, pedestrian islands, roundabouts, parking lots, loading zones

Material: galvanized steel

Diameter: d60mm / d76mm, for the posts up to 3m height


  • Hook spanner


Technical data:

  • Optimal strength level: The signpost bends only under strong impact from 7.99kN/m2.
  • Up to a 90° bending angle in any direction, returning immediately to the upright vertical position after a car impact.
  • Resistant to medium-speed collisions.
  • Available in flexible signpost and flexible upright versions.
  • Diameter options: Ø60.3mm/Ø76mm, with a total signpost height of up to 300cm.
  • Different installation variants for surface or ground sleeve installation.


  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Protect the appearance of cities and streets.
  • The signs are always clearly visible to traffic participants, as the Robinson90 post always returns to its original position.

The Robinson90 flexible post includes the following components:

  1. Flexible sign post with integrated Augustaflex® (h 120cm; h 160cm; h 290cm).
  2. Fastening part according to choice: floor plate or floor sleeves.

The Robinson90 upright includes the following components:

  1. upper expander for connection to the signpost with a wall thickness of 2.9 mm (on request 2mm/2.3mm/2.6mm/ 2.9 mm/3.2 mm/3.6 mm). The upper is fixed by means of a dynamometric key;
  2. flexible upright;
  3. ground sleeve or another fixing variant (choice: ground sleeve, ground plate, plate for rubber islands).

Certification: CE EN 12899-1

Guaranty: 5 years.
Documents for download:

– Technical data sheet, Robinson90:

– Catalogue. Flexible posts for traffic signs Augustaflex system:

– Installation instructions:


Robinson90: Extreme impact resistance

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Robinson90: Installation example

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