Agustaflex post base for traffic sign

The flexible post base for traffic signs is the ideal solution to prevent damage to the post and ensure safety in road traffic. Thanks to the flexible system, this post absorbs the impact of a vehicle, tilts and immediately returns to its original upright position without breaking.

For locations where posts can be damaged at higher speeds, the Robinson90 model is recommended, which can bend up to 90 degrees in any direction.

Augustaflex flexible upright

Flexible upright for posts of  traffic signs

Sturdiness level: high, from 18kN/m2

Resistance to low to medium-speed impacts

Total sign post height: up to 4m

Ideal for: Car parks, walkways, loading zones

Material: galvanized steel

Diameter: for posts d60mm, d76mm


  • Hook spanner


Technical data:

  • optimal strength level. The signpost bends in case of vehicle impact from 18 kNm2;
  • bending angle up to 40° in any direction, the signpost immediately returns to the upright position;
  • Ø60.3 mm / Ø76 mm, total sign post height up to 400 cm.

The Augustaflex upright includes the following components:

  1. upper expander for connection to the signpost with a wall thickness of 2.9 mm (on request 2mm/2.3mm/2.6mm/ 2.9 mm/3.2 mm/3.6 mm). The upper is fixed using a dynamometric key;
  2. flexible upright;
  3. ground sleeve or another fixing variant (choice: lower expander, ground plate).

Installation variants: Ground sleeve, ground plate or spreader (for existing posts).


  • reduced maintenance and replacement costs;
  • protection of urban aesthetics and parking lot surfaces;
  • enhanced safety: the sign is clearly visible to traffic participants.

Certification: CE EN 12899-1

Documents for download

– Technical data sheet, Augustaflex flexible upright:

– Catalogue. Flexible posts for traffic signs Augustaflex system:

– Installation instructions:


Augustaflex for road signs

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Augustaflex joint: Installation

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