American Road Patch™

was developed for the repair, reinforcement and sealing of asphalt damage.

American Road Patch™

Product for preservation, reinforcement and sealing in asphalt repairs.

American Road Patch™...

is applied to the road surface and forms a waterproof membrane. The service life of conventional pothole repairs is extended. American Road Patch is a cost-effective asphalt repair product.

Why American Road Patch™?

Today’s pothole repair methods do not adequately address the cause of repetitive damage. Mostly, fillings are used that are at best temporarily capable of permanently preventing the penetration of surface water.

American Road Patch™ is the solution!

Take the extra step now and avoid repeated repair work. 

Possible applications

Pothole repair

Sealing for fixtures

Sealing cracks and joints

Sealing for shafts

Covering road markings

Repair of bridge joints

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Easy to use

No special installation aids or tools required

Strong hold

High-strength and reinforced glass fibre mesh, holds on asphalt and concrete

Snow plow resistant

Withstands even the strong impulse of road clearing machines.

Short repair time

Repairs without long blocking times

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