Flexible sign posts for traffic signs

Flexible impact resistant sign posts for traffic signs are equipped with Augustaflex® disc spring system.

Flexible upright and flexible sign post for traffic signs

With the innovative Augustaflex® system, the sign post is designed to withstand impact. Instead of breaking, it flexes upon impact and then immediately returns to its original upright position. This not only safeguards the signs themselves but also enhances road safety and offers cost savings.

Protect your signage with impact resistant sign posts for traffic signs!

Augustaflex upright

Very much in demand

Robinson 90

Main differences between Augustaflex and Robinson 90 models

Augstaflex (CE12899-1) Robinson90 (CE12899-1)
High 18kN/m2 (d60), 28 kN/m2 (d76)
Medium 8N/m2 (d60), 12 kN/m2 (d76)
Maximum bending angle
40 degrees
90 degree
Maximum height of the post
d60/d76; Flexible upright
d60/d76; Flexible upright, flexible post

Both models have integarted Augustaflex® disk spring system!

Road signs must always be in perfect condition. If this is not the case, they must be replaced, realigned or removed. The maintenance of signs is usually very time-consuming and costly. The cost consists mainly of replacing the base, repairing or replacing the pipe post to the point of closing the road or rerouting traffic. However, with Augustaflex® technology, traffic signs are not damaged because the sign post tilts in the event of a collision and then returns to its original position.

Augustaflex® system for traffic signs

Cost-effectiveness: achieve significant savings in the short term

Optimize the deployment of maintenance personnel

Maintain a clean and orderly appearance of roads

Anti-vandalism, engineered to withstand human impacts without bending

Ensure perfectly vertical positioning of sign posts

Offer a sustainable road infrastructure with an extended life cycle

Video: Flexibility demonstration

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Flexible sign posts for traffic signs are recommended for:

Fixing of the flexible Augustaflex or Robinson90 upright:

The flexible upright is fixed to the sign post using the upper expander and the dynamometric key. The expander corresponds to the pole thickness of 2.0mm, 2.9mm or 3.6mm. The final height depends on the length of the connected pole and can be determined on site and as required.

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Sign post Augustaflex® is CE certified

Sign posts for traffic signs with Augustaflex® flexible system are the only flexible sign posts certified according to the CE EN 12899-1 standard.

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