Flexible sign posts for traffic sign

Augustaflex® flexible steel sign posts for traffic signs for sustainable road safety.

Flexible sign posts for traffic signs

Augustaflex® flexible steel sign posts for traffic signs for sustainable road safety.

Flexible upright and posts for traffic signs.

With Augustaflex® system, the sign post doesn’t break on impact; it bends and returns to its original position immediately. This not only protects the signs but also ensures road safety and saves you money.

Two versions: flexible post and flexible upright.
The flexible post comes with a fixing part and a post with integrated flexible system. The upright version includes a fixing part, a middle section with flexible system, and an upper expander for attaching to standard pole posts (diameter: 60mm or 76mm).

Protect your signage with impact resistant sign posts for traffic signs!

Augustaflex upright


Robinson 90

Key differences between Augustaflex and Robinson 90 models:

Augstaflex (CE12899-1) Robinson90 (CE12899-1)
High 18kN/m2 (d60), 28 kN/m2 (d76)
Medium 8N/m2 (d60), 12 kN/m2 (d76)
Maximum bending angle
40 degrees
90 degree
Maximum height of the post
d60/d76; Flexible upright
d60/d76; Flexible post or flexible upright

Both models are equipped with the patented Augustaflex® disk spring system.

Road signs play a crucial role in ensuring road safety and must always be in perfect condition. When signs are damaged or not visible, traditional maintenance involves costly and time-consuming tasks like replacement, realignment, or removal. Expenses typically include replacing the plinth, repairing or replacing the post, and implementing safety measures for maintenance operators.

Augustaflex® revolutionizes this process, this innovative solution ensures that traffic signs remain undamaged, as the sign post bends upon collision and then seamlessly returns to its original vertical position. This not only safeguards road safety but also provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to conventional maintenance methods.

Key benefits of Augustaflex® flexible road signs:

Significant cost savings

Optimal use of maintenance personnel

Clean road and street appearance

Anti-vandalism, resistant to bending under human impact

Improved traffic safety: perfectly vertical and visible road signs

Sustainable road infrastructure with extended life cycle

Fixed posts vs. Augustaflex®

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Flexible posts for traffic signs are recommended for:

paletti segnaletica stradale

Fixing of flexible Augustaflex or Robinson90 upright:

The flexible upright is fastened to the sign post using the upper expander and the huck spanner. The expander is matched to the post wall thickness of 2.0mm, 2.9mm, or 3.6mm. The total height of the signpost is adaptable, determined by the length of the connected pole, and customized as per specific requirements.

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Augustaflex® flexible posts. CE certified

Signposts with Augustaflex®  meet the CE EN 12899-1 standard, certified by RINA. The only steel flexible signposts available on the market

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