Removable bollards

The ideal solution for efficient public space management, easily disassembled in seconds.

Removable Augustaflex® bollards

Explore our removable bollards equipped with the impact resistant Augustaflex® system. Swift to disassemble, yet flexible and sturdy. They’re the perfect solution for managing traffic and ensuring safety in pedestrian zones, parking areas, and beyond.

paletti dissuasori amovibili
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Removable bollards

Removable bollards can be swiftly disassembled using a triangular key. Designed specifically for areas that require quick and frequent removal, these bollards with a triangular key quick-release mechanism facilitate vehicular access as needed. Ideal for car parks, driveways, pedestrian zones, and garage entrances.

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Combine different bollard versions

SAEDI bollards provide remarkable versatility, enabling precise adaptation to your unique requirements. In high-traffic and critical areas, consider integrating bollards equipped with the Augustaflex® system to eliminate damages. In other locations, choose between fixed or removable bollards. Easily customize and select from our range of bollard versions to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

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