Bollards and barrier posts.

SAEDI bollards seamlessly merge safety with aesthetic design, making them the perfect choice for enhancing public spaces.

Bollards and barrier posts

SAEDI bollards offer the ideal combination of safety and aesthetic design for public spaces.

Urban bollards: keeping your city safe and stylish

Our bollards do more than protect – they add value to your urban spaces. Whether it’s marking boundaries, preventing unauthorized parking, or ensuring safety on the road, these bollards are simple, space-saving, and easy to spot. 

Variety of bollard solutions and designs

Whether you need impact-resistant, fixed, or removable options, our range provides flexibility, allowing you to mix and match various variants to suit your needs.

Flexible steel bollard

  • Solution for critical road points, the bollards remain undamaged in collisions, thanks to Augustaflex®.

Fixed bollard

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  • Classic bollards to delimit and prevent unauthorised parking.

Removable bollard

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  • Solution for temporary access roads, can be removed in seconds.

Flexible SOFT bollard

  • Flexible bollard coated with polyurethane foam. Turns back to its original position after impact.

Combine different bollard versions

SAEDI bollards provide remarkable versatility, enabling precise adaptation to your unique requirements. In high-traffic and critical areas, consider integrating bollards equipped with the Augustaflex® system to eliminate damages. In other locations, choose between fixed or removable bollards. Easily customize and select from our range of bollard versions to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

More impressions

Explore our showcased projects and installations featuring Augustaflex® bollards, demonstrating their ability to enhance safety and aesthetics in car parks and pedestrian areas.

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