Sustainable solutions for traffic signs and road safety.


Sustainable solutions for traffic signs and road safety.

The vision of SAEDI

We strive to be the benchmark for traffic signage and urban traffic safety by providing innovative solutions to improve the performance, efficiency, and aesthetics of urban street environments.

As a trusted partner to cities and businesses, we specialize in providing sustainable and long-lasting solutions for their traffic signage and traffic safety needs.


The SAEDI success story

How an everyday problem led to innovative solutions

The story of SAEDI began with a trivial problem that turned into a success. Ten years ago, two engineer friends noticed that the sign posts in their town were always damaged in the same places and decided to get to the bottom of the problem. Thus was born Augustaflex®, an innovative product that allows the posts of traffic signs to bend without being damaged. After two intensive years of development, with many trials and tests of the various flexible systems and springs, as well as the certification process, the first post with the impact-resistant Augustaflex® system was installed on the road.

German quality combined with Italian engineering - standard setter for road safety

Since then, SAEDI has combined German quality with Italian engineering history to become a benchmark and a new standard for bollards and sign posts for traffic signs, road safety and street furniture. From day one, SAEDI has paid the utmost attention to the quality of every component and detail of its product, relying exclusively on suppliers from Germany and Italy. This has allowed the company to maintain a high standard and guarantee the maximum durability and sustainability of its products.

Quality and innovation for safe roads worldwide

Today, Augustaflex® sign posts and bollards are installed in many European countries and also in faraway countries such as Dubai and Russia, which proves the success of the Augustaflex®. SAEDI is committed to quality, durability and sustainability and strives to provide innovative and effective solutions to ensure road safety, aesthetics and order in cities.

Today SAEDI offers solutions for

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