Flexible steel bollards

Discover cost-effective, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing flexible urban bollards and posts with the innovative Augustaflex® system.

Augustaflex® bollards. Safety, durability and aesthetics

Augustaflex® flexible steel bollards are specially designed to combine safety, durability, and aesthetics seamlessly. 

Thanks to their integrated disc spring system, these bollards immediately return to their original position after an impact, ensuring ongoing road safety and preserving the aesthetics of the cityscape.

Augustaflex®  flexible bollards eliminate repair costs, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Stainless steel bollards as pedestrian protection

Key features of Augustaflex® flexible bollards

Augustaflex® integrated disc spring system

Bend on impact

Various designs and colors, customized dimensions

High impact resistance

Extremely robust: 8kN/m2 or 12kN/m2

Made of steel, galvanized and powder-coated or stainless steel/Inox

Advantages of flexible bollards with Augustaflex®

Performance, high safety level

They effectively absorb the force and maintain their vertical position. The Augustaflex® bollards are not just robust – they are even more sturdy than conventional steel bollards, providing enhanced safety and protection against impacts and vandalism

Sustainability and investment efficiency

The need for repairing damaged bollards is drastically reduced, bringing maintenance costs down to zero. They offer a sustainable, long-term solution for the protection and delineation of urban spaces

100% recyclable and high quality materials

Made exclusively from steel and stainless steel, without any rubber or plastic components. Steel, being 100% recyclable, remains the preferred choice for architects and urban planners.

Aesthetics & Versatility

Even after years, the Augustaflex® bollards maintain their pristine condition and perfect verticality, enhancing the visual appeal of streets and architectural entities. 

Augustaflex® bollards: Durability and aesthetics

Combine different bollard versions

SAEDI bollards provide remarkable versatility, enabling precise adaptation to your unique requirements. In high-traffic and critical areas, consider integrating bollards equipped with the Augustaflex® system to eliminate damages. In other locations, choose between fixed or removable bollards. Easily customize and select from our range of bollard versions to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

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Explore our showcased projects and installations featuring Augustaflex® bollards, demonstrating their ability to enhance safety and aesthetics in car parks and pedestrian areas.

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