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Impact resistant steel bollard with flexible system
Flexible sign base and upright for refuge islands

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Every day traffic bollards and road signs are subjected to frequent damages, brought about by involuntary accidents or incorrect and clumsy parking manoeuvres, leading both to cars’ damage as well as negative effects on urban décor and on the city’s financial budget.

Smart city solution

SAEDI offers a smart solution to the problem of damaged bollards and signposts – the innovative AUGUSTAFLEX technology with disc springs.

Signposts/steel bollards with AUGUSTAFLEX technology look as traditional fixed ones. But in collision event they don’t get deformed or broken - AUGUSTAFLEX system allows for 40°/90° bending angle, returning immediately to the upright position.

Flexible but sturdy

AUGUSTAFLEX technology with disk spring ensures not only flexibility on impact of signposts/bollards, but also their sturdiness.

The poles/bollards bend only on sufficiently strong impact such as car hits but stay vertical in case of human interactions.

Scientifically calibrated sturdiness level guarantees optimal performance of the system. Signpost with AUGUSTAFLEX flexible upright Ø60 will bend maximum up to 6° against applied force of 180kg.

Advanced technology

There are no other flexible systems with the same features of flexibility, resistance and solidity. The system is certified and patented.


AUGUSTAFLEX drastically cuts the costs for maintenance, monitoring and any replacement of road signs and street furniture elementsbollards

Accuracy and appearance of the city

AUGUSTAFLEX preserves urban décor. 

Road signs and bollards are both managed in their image and integrity.


AUGUSTAFLEX increases the safety level for all traffic participants. Road signs and bollards are always clearly visible and correctly positioned.

Convenience and disassembly

Bollards and sign bases with AUGUSTAFLEX technology can be easily removed

Approved technology

Tests and the favourable opinions of city councils confirm the performance, quality and efficiency of the system.


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