Flexible and impact-resistant bollards, sign posts and traffic technology

  • Solutions for safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing roads.
  • Flexible steel bollards and sign posts for traffic signs Augustaflex®.

We are the inventors of Augustaflex®

the first and only flexible and impact resistant bollards and sign posts for traffic signs certified according to the CE EN 12899-1 standard. The technology that makes this mobility possible is called Augustaflex®.

SAEDI specialises in the manufacture of flexible bollards & barriers, pedestrian barrier and sign posts for traffic signs that are durable and impact resistant in the field of road safety, street furniture and infrastructure.

SAEDI products

Bollards and barrier posts

Pedestrian barrier

SAEDI Strengths

Every SAEDI product guarantees performance, durability and quality to ensure maximum safety and road aesthetics.


There are no other systems with comparable flexibility, resilience and robustness. It is certified and patented.

Cost reduction

The costs for maintenance, inspection and replacement of traffic signs and barriers are drastically reduced thanks to Augustaflex®.


Our products are durable and environmentally friendly as they are made entirely from 100% recyclable steel.

The technology of SAEDI - Augustaflex®

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Patented flexible disc spring system

For sign posts for traffic signs and bollards

Extreme impact resistance


CE EN 12899-1

SAEDI offers solutions for

Public institution and municipalities

Improve road safety and reduce maintenance costs.

Shopping centres, airports, multi-storey car parks

Improve aesthetics and ensure a clean and tidy appearance of car parks and surrounding areas.

Architecture and engineering offices

For those looking for innovative solutions in street furniture and signage for new projects and for technical improvement bids in the most economically advantageous tenders.


Improve the order and aesthetics and reduce maintenance costs for the owners.

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