Barrier posts for supermarkets: safety guaranteed

Damaged bollards near the supermarket


In the parking lot of a supermarket in Bressanone, the bollards were damaged and appeared neglected. The situation required the intervention of a professional to ensure pedestrian safety and the aesthetics of the parking lot.
The solution was to use flexible bollards, chosen for their ability to absorb impact while maintaining their vertical integrity and aesthetic appearance over time. Thanks to their stainless steel construction, the bollards perfectly fit into the identity of the company and increase the aesthetic value of the parking garage.


Augustaflex bollards are very solid and guarantee a stiffness of 12kN/m2, thus increasing pedestrian safety. They not only ensure the safety of pedestrians, but also that of cars by preventing them from entering unauthorized areas.
Parking is the first contact with a store and therefore the shopping experience begins in the parking lot. By using Augustaflex bollards, the company is showing that it cares about the safety and aesthetics of parking and providing a positive and safe experience for its customers.
The use of Augustaflex bollards is a safe and aesthetically pleasing solution for any parking lot, whether private or public. They ensure safety and improve the shopping experience from the first impact.

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