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flexible sign base, smart city, flexible sign post

Flexible upright for sign bases

augustaflex, flexible sign base, flexible post base

AUGUSTAFLEX upright was developed to avoid damage to road signs and to cut maintenance costs.



Flexible but sturdy

AUGUSTAFLEX technology with disk spring ensures not only flexibility on impact of signposts/bollards, but also their sturdiness.

The poles/bollards bend only on sufficiently strong impact such as car hits but stay vertical in case of human interactions.

Scientifically calibrated sturdiness level guarantees optimal performance of the system.   


  • post base bends up to 40° in any direction in the event of a collision and returns automatically to the initial vertical position
  • negligible costs for maintenance during the whole period of operation
  • neat urban look
  • signs are always clearly visible and correctly positioned
  • road signs are easily removed if necessary (events, manifestations, exceptional transports, etc.)
  • easily integrated into the existing or damaged post bases (30 minutes) 





  • critical places with high frequency of damage
  • car parks
  • open and unprotected zones
  • in the immediate vicinity of sensitive or places of particular interest (town hall, company office, historical center)




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