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flexible postbase

Flexible pole and joint for traffic islands

A deformed road sign on a traffic island is dangerous for all road traffic components.

While designing the ROBINSON 90° model, special attention was given to produce a prototype robust to the most frequent damages to the traffic islands or to poles that protect pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.



Flexible but sturdy

AUGUSTAFLEX technology with disk spring ensures not only flexibility on impact of signposts/bollards, but also their sturdiness.

The poles/bollards bend only on sufficiently strong impact such as car hits but stay vertical in case of human interactions.

Scientifically calibrated sturdiness level guarantees optimal performance of the system.   


  • it bends up to 90° in any direction in the collision event, and springs back automatically to the initial vertical position
  • resistant to high-speed collisions
  • zero maintenance costs, including monitoring or any replacement of the pole or base during the whole period of operation. The cost is already amortised after the first collision
  • the road sign is always clearly visible and is in the upright and correct position


  • traffic islands
  • islands protecting pedestrian crossings
  • roundabouts
  • height limitors


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