Road safety is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to protecting pedestrian zones and directing traffic smoothly. In this context, bollards, also known as barrier posts, play a crucial role. When choosing the right bollards, it is important to keep both safety and cost in mind. This is where Augustaflex bollards come in, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution. With their integrated disc spring system, they ensure maximum safety in the event of a collision while minimising repair and maintenance costs.

Safety first: Augustaflex bollards are specially designed to yield in the event of a collision and then automatically return to their original position. This innovative approach not only protects the vehicle from damage, but also the bollard itself.

The Augustaflex spring system absorbs the impact energy and minimises the impact on all parties involved. The safety of pedestrians and staff always comes first.

Cost savings and durability: Thanks to their robust construction, Augustaflex bollards are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. Unlike conventional bollards, which often need to be replaced or repaired, Augustaflex bollards offer significant cost savings for public authorities.

The low maintenance and repair costs make them an economical choice in the long term. By investing in Augustaflex bollards, you can not only improve safety, but also benefit from lower costs in the long term.

When choosing bollards for traffic safety and efficiency, Augustaflex bollards are the ideal solution. With their cost-effective and sustainable design, they offer the highest level of safety for pedestrians and vehicles. The integrated Augustaflex technology ensures minimal damage and maximum recovery of the bollards after collisions.
Invest in Augustaflex bollards to improve road safety while saving costs in the long run. Your choice will prove to be a worthwhile investment that contributes to the safety and efficiency of traffic.

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