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The patented innovation in traffic technology

The great advantage of this flexible post base is that the whole post, complete with traffic sign, pivots at the point of attachment in the event of a collision. This gives the road user more time to brake. Once the vehicle has been removed, the post returns to the upright position.

AUGUSTAFLEX keeps towns looking neat and tidy, cuts down on labour and costs, and reduces the risk of accidents.

The new joint can be fitted to existing signposts with ease. This is the first traffic engineering system on the market to combine all these advantages, which is why we have also patented it. The international extension of the patent is under review.

The RINA-certified company 4 EMME SERVICE S.p.A. based in Bolzano has tested the system for conformity with the relevant norms in its material technology laboratory and has confirmed that it is duly compliant.


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