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FlexyLight Bollard has been nominated for Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018.

International jury of transportation experts has chosen FlexyLight Bollard as nominee from over 60 high-quality entries.


Solar power supply (LED):

  • Power of solar module: 200Mw
  • Light intensity: 1,5 candela
  • Lighting period: 8-10 hours


Network power supply:

  •  Tension: 110/230W
  • Power: 1W
  • Light intensity: 17 candela


Power supply

standard network power supply/solar power supply (LED)


processor-controlled. Switching ON and OFF is made by using a calendar function or twilight sensor


steel, transparent and glace PLEXIGLAS

Available dimensions


diameter: 76/89/100mm or on request
height: 100cm or on request


Colour change function

FlexyLight Bollard

Spring system: AUGUSTAFLEX system allows the bollards during the collision be bent up to 90° in any direction and immediate to return to the upright position and in its original form.

It helps to preserve neat urban look, increase the safety level of safety for all the traffic participants and exclude any cost for maintenance, control, replacement o repair costs.

AUGUSTAFLEX system has 5 years warranty period.

Wood and Steel Light bollards. Design

Light Led flexible/fixed/removable
Stone pine Light, flexible/fixed/removable
Ash Light, flexible/fixed/removable
Nut Light, flexible/fixed/removable
Cherry Light, flexible/fixed/removable


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