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AUGUSTA - The Flexible Post Base

We have designed a new joint that forms the centrepiece of the flexible post base.

In the event of a collision, the whole post with the traffic sign can lean at the point of attachment, allowing the road user more time to brake. Once the vehicle has been removed, the post returns to the upright position.

The advantages in comparison with conventional signposts:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Can be integrated into existing, damaged traffic signs with no need to lay new foundations
  • Traffic signs and boundary posts can be removed quickly, e.g. for the transportation of abnormal loads, weekly markets, etc.
  • Only the flexible post base has to be replaced in the event of a high-speed collision, with no need for a new pedestal. This can quickly be done by hand by one person, thus reducing labour costs. No additional materials or extra expenses are necessary.
  • Keeps towns looking neat and tidy without crooked traffic signs or boundary posts
  • Greater safety in the event of a collision (cars and motorbikes) Limitation of damage caused by parking manoeuvres

Minimal input

The Augustaflex spring system can be retrofitted in existing signposts at any time and without a great deal of outlay.

  • The cost of repairing damage will not arise in future or the spring system will prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • It will have paid for itself after just one collision, by reducing damage to vehicles and preventing injuries.
  • Towns always look clean and tidy.


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