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Savings on traffic infrastructure and street furniture costs

– through the use of AUGUSTAFLEX

Every town council and local authority has to spend huge amounts every year for the straightening and repair of road signs and boundary posts. These costs can be drastically reduced by the use of AUGUSTAFLEX.

Example calculation

It costs between 300 and 700 euro (depending on the area) to replace a traffic signpost after a collision. Two workers might need to be employed and each spend approximately three hours digging, lifting, shovelling.... mixing and pouring to prepare the concrete base - after every collision.

Current situation

1 collision = € 300 to 400
10 collisions = € 3,000 to 4,000
100 collisions = € 30,000 to 40,000

Future prospect

The € 300 to replace a post becomes a one-off cost plus the charge for AUGUSTAFLEX, the flexible post base. The calculation then looks like this:

1 collision = € 300 + cost of AUGUSTAFLEX
10 collisions = € 300 + cost of AUGUSTAFLEX
100 collisions = € 300 + cost of AUGUSTAFLEX

> Collision calculator for town councils and local authorities

Decisive benefit

Once fitted with the flexible base, signposts and bollards will practically never need to be replaced again or, if badly damaged in a serious accident, it will take one person just a few minutes to replace the base.



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