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Installation and removal of the flexible post base

Fitted in minutes by just one person

The lower spreader is inserted into the existing post which is anchored in the pedestal. The top spreader is inserted into the post to which the traffic sign is fixed. Both spreader fittings have an integrated screw which is tightened with a suitable spanner. The spreader is then engaged and the part is firmly clamped inside the post. The centrepiece of AUGUSTAFLEX, the special spring system, is now connected with the upper casing by a threaded fitting. Together with the traffic sign and the flexible post base, the post can now be inserted and fixed into the casing which is anchored in the pedestal.

Lightning-fast removal in emergencies

The entire post, together with its traffic sign and flexible base, can be removed quickly and easily and then sealed off with a cover to provide access for emergency crews, abnormal load consignments, market traders and for events.


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