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The Flexible Post Base for traffic signs
The flexible bollard with the integrated Augustaflex system
Flexible post base for traffic islands and roundabouts

Saedi - Technical Solutions

Every day traffic bollards and road signs are subjected to frequent damages, brought about by involuntary accidents or incorrect and clumsy parking manoeuvres, leading both to cars’ damage as well as negative effects on urban décor and on the city’s financial budget.


SAEDI offers the solution for the problem of damaged bollards and poles –  the innovative AUGUSTAFLEX technology.

Sign base and bollards with AUGUSTAFLEC technology bend up in any direction in the event of a collision and return automatically to the initial vertical position

Problem. Statistical data:

  • every year 500-800 traffic bollards are replaced in a Swiss city, taken as a sample, with a population of 2 million inhabitants*
  • every year 6% of poles for road signs in critical places must be replaced owing to damage**
  • in the long term the total expense associated with a bollard or road sign can amount to 40 times more compared to the initial investment following frequent repairs or replacements

Innovations in Traffic Technology

Clever technical solutions for use in towns and villages and on country roads and motorways


From Road patrol officers to municipal councils

    • Displaced traffic signs on roads and motorways constitute a safety hazard and must be put straight as quickly as possible, and often at great expense, so as to guarantee the safety of road users.
    • Crooked or slanting signs in an urban setting are not only confusing and irritating but they also spoil the appearance of a town.
    • Increasing use is made of posts designed to calm traffic in town centres and they are becoming a characteristic urban feature. Unfortunately, however, damage during parking manoeuvres and accidents are a common occurrence, necessitating the repair of posts or even their replacement. This is an enormous and recurring cost factor for town councils.
    • Rigid posts are too inflexible for the requirements of organised events and roadworks.

    Road users

    • Rigid posts increase the risk of injury in a collision, regardless of whether the vehicle in question is a car or a motorbike. The amount of signposts in towns and local communities is on the increase.
    • Posts designed to calm traffic in town centres, generally of a medium height and solid nature, are all too easily missed and cause enormous damage every year.


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