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The Flexible Post Base for traffic signs
The flexible bollard with the integrated Augustaflex system
The model for traffic islands and roundabouts

Saedi - Technical Solutions

We deliver technical solutions based on innovative ideas and the latest technologies.

Our latest project is the development of a flexible post base which bounces back to its original position after a collision.

The results speak for themselves

The AUGUSTAFLEX spring system

  • Keeps towns looking tidy
  • Cuts down on labour and costs
  • Reduces risk of accidents

Innovations in Traffic Technology

Clever technical solutions for use in towns and villages and on country roads and motorways


From Road patrol officers to municipal councils

    • Displaced traffic signs on roads and motorways constitute a safety hazard and must be put straight as quickly as possible, and often at great expense, so as to guarantee the safety of road users.
    • Crooked or slanting signs in an urban setting are not only confusing and irritating but they also spoil the appearance of a town.
    • Increasing use is made of posts designed to calm traffic in town centres and they are becoming a characteristic urban feature. Unfortunately, however, damage during parking manoeuvres and accidents are a common occurrence, necessitating the repair of posts or even their replacement. This is an enormous and recurring cost factor for town councils.
    • Rigid posts are too inflexible for the requirements of organised events and roadworks.

    Road users

    • Rigid posts increase the risk of injury in a collision, regardless of whether the vehicle in question is a car or a motorbike. The amount of signposts in towns and local communities is on the increase.
    • Posts designed to calm traffic in town centres, generally of a medium height and solid nature, are all too easily missed and cause enormous damage every year.


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